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Doors - patterned or plain, ready for paint
We offer a large range of CNC machined doors on white satin high density board, ready for 2-pack paint.
If you can't find something you like in our standard range of doors, design your own and we will be happy to reproduce it for you.

Our CNC machines are fitted with precision drilling heads, which are loaded with a vast array of drills ranging in size, shape, and purpose.

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Retail Display Panels (Slatwall)
Whether you are a shopfitter looking for a competitively priced supply of display panels or a retailer wanting to do your own thing, we have the tailor made solution to suit your needs. We can produce panels in a large variety of sizes, colours and configurations, with or without matching aluminium extrusions.

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Acoustic Panels
We can manufacture acoustic ceiling and wall panels to your specifications. Perforated or slotted panels can be made from a variety of materials including raw mdf, ply or veneered board. Slot size and perforation diameters can be calculated to suit your open area requirements.

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Solid Timber
The possibilities for designs in solid timber are endless, limited only by your imagination. We can do anything from decorative pergola brackets to cutting mortice holes in hardwood fence posts.

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In 2005, we invested in a Nemi digitizer to copy complex shapes found in the boating industry. This has proven to be invaluable in many other areas. With a maximum template size of 3900mm x 1500mm, the Nemi is an extremely accurate and fast way of copying templates or reverse engineering parts.The output is a DXF file that can be directly imported into our Aspan CAD/CAM software and then reproduced by the CNC machines.